Light Can Incluence Buying Behavior

5 Atmospheric Elements That Can Influence the Retail Environment

Atmospherics is one of the main factor which has the power to make any in-store layout stand out. A perfect combination of following 5 atmospheric elements can influence the retail outlet environment. 1) Light: A retail store can be highlighted in many ways by the use of the light. Any of the objects, areas or

Store Layout

5 Factors Contributing In-Store Visual Merchandising

The Factors that contribute the in-store visual merchandising will include: 1) Store layout A significant factor for the maintenance of a good running business is the layout of a store. A perfect store layout can effectively encourage the customers to step in and shop through entire store premises. The choice that any retailer should opt

Interior Exterior Display Techniques Used in Visual Merchandising

2 Main Techniques Used in Visual Merchandising

There are 2 main techniques used in visual merchandising namely,  Interior Display Technique – It is also known as in-store display technique.  Exterior Display Technique – It is also known as window displays technique.   The goal of these 2 techniques is the basic requirement for which visual merchandising is performed i.e. to attract the