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5 Factors Contributing In-Store Visual Merchandising

The Factors that contribute the in-store visual merchandising will include:

1) Store layout

A significant factor for the maintenance of a good running business is the layout of a store.

A perfect store layout can effectively encourage the customers to step in and shop through entire store premises.

Store Layout
Store Layout

The choice that any retailer should opt for the store layout shall depend on the store type and the product’s nature.

The entrance of the store is one of the most important area in the store. It is also known as the zone of transitions where all the shoppers enter and exit the store premises.

Perfectly designed retail store in consideration to the space allocation can play a key role to create and enjoyable and effective experience for the customers.

The different types of store layouts that can be used in retail stores are:

A) Grid Store Layout.

B) Loop Store Layout.

C) Straight Store Layout.

D) Diagonal Store Layout.

2) Mannequin Styling and Placement:

Apparel retail stores use the mannequins inside the store as well as in window display to showcase their various product range to the customers passing by.

It is a basic tool used by every retail outlet to let the passing by crowd understand that what kind of merchandise is currently in trend, which is available inside the store for them and how will it actually look like on a person.

Mannequin Styling and Placement
Mannequin Styling and Placement

To have an effective mannequin display, it is very much necessary for the brand to understand the thoughts and opinions of the customers on the aspect of their vision towards the brand.

It helps to make use of desired type of mannequin to suit the brand image and make it noticeable to the customers and the crowd passing by.

3) Point of Purchase:

A tangible engagement of the customer with the product always creates an emotional connect between the product, brand and the customer.

For it to happen smoothly it is must to have merchandise visible as customers tend to buy mostly the merchandise that they see.

Point of Purchase
Point of Purchase

The key principle in visual merchandising would always be “kam mein hi zyada hai”.

Having a wider and various variety will always be good but the brand needs to be sure not to overdo the concept.

When we avail too many options to a customer, we can easily confuse them rather than convincing.

Also it has to be made sure that the display of the stock to be showcased should be on eye level i.e. on the level where it is easily visible to the eyes of the customers.

4) Bundling:

A promotion of different objects together in a way as a set so as how a consumer can utilize all of it together at once is a process called Bundling.

It is also known as cross promotion or cross selling.

Bundling In-Store Display Factor
Bundling In-Store Display Factor

In an apparel retail, a complete outfit with suitable accessories can be the best example of cross promotional selling.

5) Atmospherics:

A perfect combination of following elements can influence the retail outlet environment.

A) Light

B) Music

C) Scent

D) Color

E) Display

5 Atmospheric Elements That Can Influence the Retail Environment

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