Light Can Incluence Buying Behavior

5 Atmospheric Elements That Can Influence the Retail Environment

Atmospherics is one of the main factor which has the power to make any in-store layout stand out.

A perfect combination of following 5 atmospheric elements can influence the retail outlet environment.

1) Light:

A retail store can be highlighted in many ways by the use of the light.

Any of the objects, areas or entire store can be the reason of attraction or distraction by the kind of light being used and the way the light will be used.

the way the light will be used
Way the light will be used

Brightness of the light being used plays a vital role in the environment of the store.

The dim light area will not be that effective as a bright area can be.

The lighting pattern should be used in such a manner as to create a comfortable environment and also to create an atmosphere that will be justified to the brand image and the brand’s personality.

Light Can Incluence Buying Behavior

A light factor can also influence the buying decision of the customer as it is one of the ambience factor which connects to the mood of the buyer inside the retail outlet during shopping.

2) Music:

Music is a soothing element for the retail outlets.

A suitable music inside the store premises can influence the mood in a good way for shopping.

The brand has to keep the target audience into consideration while choosing the tracks that the brand retail outlets will be playing.

Music is a soothing element for the retail outlets.

If the brand plays the right kind of genre suitable as per the target audience and the brand’s image, it will definitely help to hold the customers for a longer duration within the store premises for shopping experience.

3) Scent:

A brand can always be remembered and memorized because of its unique inside store premises fragrance.

It automatically leads to the differentiation of a particular brand as well as its products.

Most importantly scent is an element that can easily trigger the responses of the customers with an emotional connect.

Scent, Aroma and Fragrance
Scent, Aroma and Fragrance

A perfect scent suitable as per brand image can stimulate the senses of the customers easily for brand recall in the customer’s mind resulting into more increase in purchasing wish of the customer from the retail brand.

4) Color:

An important element, when it comes to ambience of a retail outlet, to be considered is color as it is directly related to the vision of the customers stepping inside the brand’s retail store for shopping.

Just an impulsive decision to buy something can be made by customers by few factors encouraging them.

Color Can Influence The Buying Behavior

Certain colors can play the same role.

The brand always needs to be sure to choose the color, as for example, colors like orange and red can create an excitement as well as can create a distraction in the mood of the customers.

Color Can Influence
Color Can Influence

Color is such a significant tool that can play as an influence and can help us receive either responses or reaction from the customers for any retail brand.

A unique effective impact can be powered on the customers by the element of color.

It plays an attractive role in attracting the customers towards the brand.

Color also plays the role of an element to connect emotionally with the customer. Different colors have different theories and impact on different customers.

The retail brand has to be precisely sure about the colors to be used in the brand color palette as well as in the shopping premises of the retail outlet.

Choice of Color
Choice of Color

While choosing the color the brand has to be sure about deciding the color to be used depending on the target group of audience, as the meaning and importance of each different color will vary from country to country, from people to people, from age to age.

5) Display:

Display is one of the key measures to be perfect to have a successful visual merchandising impact.

There can be different areas of displays that can be considered for the impact of visual merchandising.

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